Sudan: conflict in South Sudan

Sudan-South Sudan Conflict: Sudan Launches Border Attacks, Says Official 

Two Sudans recruiting youths for war

War and a missile, but low oil prices? What gives?

UN chief urges Sudan and South Sudan to step back from brink of war and return to negotiations

Sudan: Bashir Declares War On South Sudan

Research and pragmatism can help resolve conflicts

China and Conflict-Affected States: Between Principle and Pragmatism

Sudan: conflict in South Sudan

Conflict Analysis and Options for Systemic Conflict Transformation A Northern and a Southern View

Natural Resources, the Environment and Conflict

Oil and  politics  : Talisman energy and Sudan 

Hate speech could lead to more atrocities in S. Sudan

South Sudan: 3,000 dead in Pibor County ethnic massacre

Grievances and the Roots of Insurgencies: Southern Sudan and Darfur

Fleeing South Sudanese ‘Killed

South Sudanese ‘massacred’ after fleeing Pibor

South Sudanese flee to escape deadly ethnic vendetta

South Sudan/Inter-Ethnic Conflict

South Sudan: Still Counting the Dead in Inter-Ethnic Conflict

Up to 50,000 flee South Sudan violence – U.N.

Southern Sudan: Abuses on both sides in Upper Nile clashes

Western Powers Seek Sudan Disintegration

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)




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