Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa

Building Democracy in Africa through  Taxation

Civil society and political transition in Africa

Democracy in sub-Saharan Africa: once rising, now stumbles

Who killed democracy in Africa ?

Foreign Aid and Regime Change:  Assessing the Impact of Different Donors

Security Concerns versus Democracy Promotion in Africa: The EU Role in the Cases of Nigeria and Zimbabwe

The  Wilsonian  conception of democracy and human rights: a retrospective and prospective

Concepts of Democracy and Democratization in Africa Revisited

Journey to true democracy in Africa  

Democracy and Governance in Africa

Foreign Aid and Democracy Promotion: Lessons from Africa

Effective aid strategies to support democracy in Africa

2007–2008 Kenyan crisis

Securing democracy in Africa is key

Five decades after independence, African journalists still seeking freedom

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2004

CPRD Center for Policy Research and Dialogue

Democracy Net

African Elections Database Database

Election Watch, Volume 4 (1993) – Journal of Democracy

Power struggle in the Great Lakes region by Philippe Rekacewicz, May 2000 l

Inter-Governmental Relation

Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

Prosperity and democratic developments in the Horn of Africa.

World Movement for Democracy

Africa and democracy

US Foreign Policy Towards Africa 2005 (06 JUN 2005)

Horn of Africa: A Double Heritage of Democracy

USAID Democracy and Governance: Africa: Sudan

Welcome to Horn of Africa Democracy and Development (HADAD

Civil Society Dialogue on Peace, Democracy and Development

Africa and democracy – openDemocracy

Politics in Horn of Africa

Political resources on the Net

Prosperity and democratic developments in the Horn of Africa.

Democratic development throughout the Horn of Africa

Home – Institute on Religion and Democracy

FY 2005-2006 Human Rights and Democracy Fund Projects

Coalition for Freedom and Democracy

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