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The Borana and Fur Conflicts: Similar Features, Different Outcomes

The Borana and Fur Conflicts: Similar Features, Different Outcomes   The relatively tranquil settings of the Jebel Mara massive in northern Darfur in western Sudan and the Boran area in southern Ethiopia were profoundly disrupted during the 1980s by prolonged drought, which had persisted with minor interruptions, since 1967. In the past, when faced with […]

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Darfur paper in Arabic by Mohamed Suliman, 2009

الحرب في دارفور: تأثير عنصر الموارد في عام 1983، حينما كان جفاف منطقة الساحل الأفريقي (Sahel) لأعوام 1982/1984 في أعلى حالاته، إنفجرت إشتباكات حول الأرض بين مزارعي جبل مرّة وبين الرعاة من شمال دارفور. وقد سمح سوء القيادة على المستوى المحلي وعلى مستوى الحكومة المركزيّة للإشتباكات بالتصاعد وبلوغ مستوى النزاع الدموي المسلّح. وقد ساعد عدد […]

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Somalia: Human Right reports

 World Report 2011: Somalia Somalia: Somali Law, Legal Research, Human Rights Human Rights Watch on Human Rights Crisis in Somalia/a> Human rights in the Arab countries Somalia: Woman Stoned to Death for Adultery Human rights organization condems use of amputation in Somalia Somalia Human Rights practices, 1994 Toxic waste dumping in Somalia and its impact […]

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Sudan : Human Right reports

Life and Civil Strife in Sudan: A Degradation of Human Rights  Darfur tribesmen executed, possible war crime: rights group Sudan Justice and Equality Movement What is then after the Assassination of Dr. Khalil Ibrahim? That is the Question. Darfur JEM scoffs at Bashir’s labeling of Khalil’s death as ‘divine retribution Comment on Khalil’s Death Human […]

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Great Lakes Burundi-Rwanda Conflict : Crimes of War

Burundi genocide: Map Rwanda Crisis and Genocide in Case Law of Rwanda Tribunal Prosecuting Genocide in Rwanda Rwandan Genocide International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Rwandan Officer Found Guilty of 1994 Genocide Rwanda Tribunal Should Pursue Justice for RPF Crimes Rwanda Burundi Transitional Justice for Burundi: A Long and Winding Road Burundi to Create Criminal Tribunal […]

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