Conflicts Southern Sudan

a Chronology for Nuba in Sudan

Respect, N° 4 novembre 2006

Professor Abdallahi An Naim & Professor Francis M. Deng, Self Determination and Unity: The Case of Sudan

Conflict  War  Genocide: Sudan 2004

Slavery in Sudan


Gov’t expects a swift conclusion to eastern peace talks

Concerns over recent clashes in the south Sudan

SUDAN: Gov’t, eastern rebels sign ceasefire as SPLM/A pulls out

SUDAN: Talks on the east gear up as SPLM/A pulls out of Hamishkorieb

SUDAN-UGANDA: Elders cite atrocities committed by Ugandan rebels, army

Chronology for Southerners in Sudan

Humanitarian appeal 2004: Sudan

Sudan Crisis

The Roots of Conflict in Sudan

Ethnic conflict in South Sudan

Oxfam – Issues – Conflict and Natural Disasters

Sudan: Defining the North-South Border

Sudan: Conflict Analysis and Options for Systemic Conflict Transformation

The Civil War in Southern Sudan and Its Effect on Youth and Children

Sudan Oil & Conflict timeline

Africa’s Last, Next War Darfur isn’t the worst crisis in Africa. In fact, it’s not even the worst crisis in Sudan.

Sudan-First Civil War, 1955-72

The Kafia Kingi Enclave People: Politics and History in the North–South Boundary Zone of Western Sudan

When Boundaries Become Borders: The Impact of Boundary-making in Southern Sudan’s Frontier Zones

Oil conflict drills $2.4 billion hole in Sudan’s finances



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