Sudan urged to stop deportation of asylum-seekers and refugees

Tragic stories from young Eritrean refugee

Voice for the Voiceless Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers

International Commission on Eritrean Refugees

Eritrean Refugees Evacuated to Italy from Libya

Eritrean Refugee News and Information

The plight of Eritrean refugees

Eritrean Refugee Crisis – Article

Refugees from Eritrea, a young state

The new policy will allow Eritrean refugees to live in urban areas

Ethiopia Gives Freedom of Movement to Eritrean Refugees

Eritrean refugees in Libya under continuous inhuman treatment

Eritrea: Eritrean refugees in Shimelba refugee camp in Ethiopia:

Eritrean Refugees in Shimelba camp, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Ethiopia opens new camp for Eritrean refugees  

Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

1350 Eritrean refugees come to Ethiopia every month”government”say

More Eritrean refugees fly to USA from Ethiopia

Videos for Eritrea Refugees in Sudan

Eritrean refugees arriving on Sudan border

Sudan says Eritrean refugees increasing considerably – Sudan

UNHCR says Eritrean refugees arriving on Sudan

The UNHCR and the government of Sudan launched a joint registration operation in Eastern Sudan

Eritrean refugees in Sudan

FCurrently there are 51700 Eritrean refugees in five Ethiopia camps

Sudan Prepares to Return Refugees to Eritrea

Flight of Eritrean Refugees to the Sudan

Eritrean Refugees in Shimelba Camp, Ethiopia

Case of Eritrean Refugees in the UK- Tesfagiorgios

Eritrean Women Refugees in Khartoum, Sudan, 1970-1990

Refugees and National Identity: Eritrea

Eritrean Women Refugees in Khartoum. Sudan, 1970-1990

The Anthropology of Refugees and Displacement

On the Refugee Problem in Eritrea

Trends and Perspectives on the Eritrean Refugees and Human Rights Crisis

UNHCR looks at solutions for Eritrean refugees of eastern Sudan

East Sudan conflict may escalate into major war – report

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