Referendum and South Sudan Post Independence[ news, views and analysis]

The next step for South Sudan

South Sudan’s Post-Independence Challenges: Greed or Grievance?

Sudan: Post-Referendum Issues And Implications For Africa

Serious Challenges Await Higher Education in Post-Referendum South Sudan

Challenges Facing Sudan after  Referendum Day 2011

Sudan after the South’s Independence

Five challenges South Sudan will face after referendum

South Sudan has political ‘roadmap’ for post-referendum governance – Machar

South Sudan’s Kiir unleashes barrage of attacks against Bashir

Sudan’s Bashir says Juba committing ‘suicide’ by shutting down oil production

Southern Sudanese independence referendum, 2011

Sudan ‘unprepared’ for referendum

Sudanese president establishes committee for support of unity and referendum(IRD)

Free Campaigning Needed in Sudan Referendum

Activists call for timely conduct of Abyei referendum

South Sudan referendum overshadows Darfur on international stage

Fear Campaign Reported Ahead of Referendum

Obama presses for Sudan solution Referendum over independence of South from North seen as key.

Sudan says political agreement necessary for Abyei referendum

South Sudan conducts first public lecture on 2011 referendum

Southern Sudan Comes Together

Sudanese Perspectives on the 2011 Referendum

Southern Sudanese independence referendum, 2011

South Sudan: World’s next country or next civil war?

Will independent South Sudan be like Somalia?

South Sudan: A Fledgling Nation

Sudan Prepares to Break Apart

South Sudan Profile

Pastoralists at War:

Violence and Security in the

Kenya-Sudan-Uganda Border Region

Five questions about impending civil war in southern Sudan

Conflict Analysis and Options for Systemic Conflict Transformation

A Northern and a Southern View

Post-referendum arrangements for Sudan oil industry

Sudan’s North -South border

Independent Southern Sudan and How the Two Sudans Become Stable Nations

CPA – New Sudan, Old Sudan or Two Sudan?

South Sudan: Waiting for Peace to Come: Study from Bor, Twic East and Duk Counties in Jonglei

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