Refugees: Ethiopia

Saudi Star among firms behind thousands of forced relocations in Ethiopia

1000 Ethiopian Refugees Held Hostage in Yemen

Ethiopia- Refugee Emergency Update 07 October 2011

Somaliland to deport thousands of Ethiopian refugee

Over 75,000 Ethiopian refugees escaped to Yemen in 2011

Thousands of Ethiopian refugees flee political oppression into Eritrea Nov. 24, 2011

Ethiopian refugees in the UK: migration, adaptation and settlement experiences and their relevance to health

Ethiopia- Refugee  Emergency Update  18 November 2011

Concern over high levels of child malnutrition in Ethiopia refugee camps

Child Malnutrition Levels High in Ethiopia’s Refugee Camps

Polio fears in Ethiopian refugee camps

Ethiopia- Eritrean: Refugees embrace life “out of camps”

Ethiopia: Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

2012 UNHCR country operations profile – Ethiopia

Save Ethiopian Refugees

BBC News | AFRICA | Ethiopian refugees’ atrocity tales

Ethiopia – Refugees, Drought, and Famine

Ethiopian refugees in the UK: migration, adaptation and settlement

Ethiopian Refugees

Ethiopian Refugees

Ethiopian Refugees are Vulnerable to Hunger and Human Rights Abuses!

Save Ethiopian Refugees International (SERI) :

Refugee influxes in Ethiopia

Nutrition and Child Care Amongst Ethiopian Refugees in Eastern Sudan 

13 Ethiopian Refugees Died As They Flee To Yemen

Database : Ethiopian refugees in the UK: migration, adaptation

Relapsing Fever Among Ethiopian Refugees

Health Status of Ethiopian Refugees in the United States

Discrimination and Abuse Against Ethiopian Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Migrants in Yemen

Sudan says Eritrean refugees increasing considerably – Sudan

UNHCR says Eritrean refugees arriving on Sudan

The UNHCR and the government of Sudan launched a joint registration operation in Eastern Sudan

Eritrean refugees in Sudan

FCurrently there are 51700 Eritrean refugees in five Ethiopia camps

Sudan Prepares to Return Refugees to Eritrea

Flight of Eritrean Refugees to the Sudan

Eritrean Refugees in Shimelba Camp, Ethiopia

Case of Eritrean Refugees in the UK- Tesfagiorgios

Eritrean Women Refugees in Khartoum, Sudan, 1970-1990

Refugees and National Identity: Eritrea

Eritrean Women Refugees in Khartoum. Sudan, 1970-1990

The Anthropology of Refugees and Displacement

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