Democracy and Election: Sudan

Elections in Sudan: Chaos Before Stability

Sudan elections provide lessons for 2011 referendum

The Sudanese Network for Democratic Elections (SuNDE) and the Sudanese Group for
Democracy and Elections (SuGDE)

Sudan’s election crisis and 2011 Referendum

April 2010 elections and 2011 referendum in Sudan

Sudanese general election, 2010

Bashir Declared Winner of Sudan’s (Thoroughly Un-) Democratic Election

Towards Democratic Elections in Sudan

Report on Laws and Regulations Governing Civil Society Organizations in Sudan

Democracy First Group

War Against Sudanese Women is the New Front

Islam in from the Cold: The Fifth Wave of Democracy: Sudan

Democracy: A Key to Peace In Sudan |

The Sudan and Democracy — ARIES 61 (244): 247 — African Affairs

Regrets Only: An Africa Journal: Sudan 1996: A “Different Spirit

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Sudan: Kampala Declaration

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The Sudan dilemma and the concept of democracy

NPR: Sudan Faces Difficult Road to Democracy

Peace & Democracy in Sudan

Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy

Democracy ln the Sudan

Peaceful change and the rise of Sudan’s Democracy movement

National Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy

The Democracy Movement in Sudan  .Islam and democracy: The 1999 Palace Coup in Sudan

Darfur’s Sudan problem | openDemocracy

Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD)

The Crisis of Democracy in Sudan

Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy

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