Challenges to Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa

Iran’s activity in East Africa, the gateway to the Middle East and the African continent

Chinese Foreign Policy: The Africa Dimension

the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis

Africa Policy Outlook 2009

Inter-Governmental Relation

Key recent reports on the Horn of Africa crisis.

War in Africa’s Horn: Special report

Geneva Centre for Security Policy – GCSP

Meeting of the Leadership Council final communiqué

The Center for Security Policy

Tensions Rise in Horn of Africa – UN Security Council

Security Policy at the Greater Horn of Africa – Promoting Security Sector Reform in the Horn of Africa

ISS Publications: African Security Review

BASIS Publications–Greater Horn of Africa

Somalia: Expanding Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Terrorism in the Horn of Africa: Special Reports

Horn of Africa Review February 1998

Stanford University – Africa South of the Sahara: Eritrea

Pugwash Workshop on Security Architecture in the Horn of Africa

New security frontiers in the Horn of Africa

Arms for the Horn: US Security Policy in Ethiopia and Somalia

Foreign Policy In Focus | Africa Policy Outlook 2006

International Relations and Security Network ISN – Links Directory

Africa, Modern US Security Policy and Interventions – Background

National Security Council [NSC] Eisenhower Administration, 1953-1961

The Center for Security Policy

The Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict and Security in the Horn of Africa

Relevant EU Headquarters policies and declarations peace & security – Africa

European Union @ United Nations

International Resource Group on Disarmament and Security in the Horn of Africa

Global Security

The Evolution of Israel s Africa Policy

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy: Facts on International Relations

Understanding Complexity in Darfur: Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy

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