Sudan: conflict in Darfur

The Other War: Inter-Arab Conflict in Darfur

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Measuring the Cost of War in Darfur

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Death toll of 200,000 disputed in Darfur

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War in Darfur: the who’s and why’s of the world’s worst

An exchange on Sudan’s Darfur conflict

Darfur Liberation Front / Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) / Sudan

Darfur study guide assembled by Timothy

Causes and solutions for Darfur by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naim August 15, 2004

Sudan Darfur (2003 – first combat deaths) Update: January 2004 World History at KMLA:Darfur

Darfur Informationa Center

afrol News – Eritrea, Chad accused of aiding Sudan rebels

Eritrea denies taking part in Sudan battles

Atrocities in Western Sudan (Human Rights Watch

Sudan: victims of the war in Darfur speak about their plight

AP Wire 11/23/2004 | Sudan’s Darfur Region Faces drought threat

Civil war in Darf: chronology 1983-87

Chronology of civil war in Darfur

The war in Darfur

Sudan’s civil war and Darfur

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Darfur crisis

South Darfur state

Chadian-Sudanese conflict

The people of Nuba and Darfur demand self-determination

Tragedy in Darfur On understanding and ending the horror

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