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Great Lakes

Democracy-Great Lakes Burundi from electoral boycott to political impass Elections in Rwanda Recommended reading on ethnicity in Rwanda & Burundi? Democracy, Governance and Conflict in Burundi US Governement will send election observers to Rwanda Rwanda: Background and Current  Developments Election violence increases in Rwanda and Burundi Special Elections Review: Rwanda & Burundi Why Rwanda’s clockwork election […]

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Uganda Westminster Foundation for Democracy in Uganda The Ugandan Football Association as polity  Sowing the Mustard Seed: The struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda Dream deferred?  Democracy and Good Governance:  An Assessment of the Findings of Uganda’s Country Self-  Assessment Report under the African Peer Review Mechanis The Challenge of Building Strong  Political Parties […]

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Democracy and Election in the Eastern Africa : Kenya Kenya : Current Conditions and the  Challenges Ahead Kenya: Prospects for democracy following multi-party elections Theorising Kenya’s Protracted Transition to Democracy Electoral Fraud and the Erosion of Democratic Gains in Kenya The 2007 elections in Kenya introduction Is democracy bad for Kenya’s economic development? Kenya General […]

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