Sudan: Conflict in Eastern Sudan

 SudanTribune article : Sudan, Eritrea discuss eastern conflict

Pastoral Land Rights and Protracted Conflict in Eastern Sudan

Estimating Demographic Indicators in a Conflict-Affected Population in Eastern Sudan

Eastern  Sudan indigenous conflict prevention, management and resolution mechanisms

The Conflict in Eastern Sudan

Sudan – Eritrea : early warning note (April 1996)

Sudan-Eritrea border still tense despite agreement

Sudan Wars  East Sudan conflict may escalate into major war – report

The causes of the conflicts in the south, east and west of Sudan

East Sudan conflict may escalate into major war

Eastern Sudan conflict threatens peace

Conflict in the East of Sudan

The Politics of Slaughter in Sudan

East Sudan: a forgotten crisis

Sudan, Eritrea agree border security – News

Sudan, Eritrea sign reconciliation deal

Military news about Sudan

Sudan-Eritrea: Reconciliation Agreement Signed, 5/3/99

Official Text of Eritrea – Sudan Reconciliation Agreement, 03 May 1999

Eritrea plugs itself as peace broker for Sudan dismissing other efforts

Eritrea denies taking part in Sudan battles

Echoes of Darfur, SPLM in Eastern Sudan conflict

The causes of conflict in eastern Sudan

Between rocks and hard places in eastern Sudan – The Irish Examiner

Eastern Sudan tempts Darfurian fate

Armed Groups Along Sudan’s Eastern Frontier: An Overview and Analysis

Khartoum Escalates Conflict in Eastern Sudan, Southern Sudan, and Darfur tier: An Overview and Analysis

119 civilians killed in eastern Sudan air raid last January 2009

The Eastern Front and the Struggle against Marginalization

Eastern rebels threaten new troubles in Sudan

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