Great Lakes :Brund-Rwanda Conflict

Conflict-Sensitive Conservation in Nyungwe National Park: Conflict Analysis

Conflict in the Great Lakes Region

Re-imagining Rwanda

Report on Rwanda

Environment and Conflict Linkages in the Great Lakes Region

Great Lakes: After more than thirteen years of conflict

The Great Lakes Conflict: Peace-Building Forces

Hutu-Tutsi conflict – Hutus, Tutsis Crisis

Crisis in Central Africa

Crimes of War > War in Africa

External Democracy Promotion in Post-Conflict  Zones: Evidence from Case Studies  Rwanda

Timeline Rwanda

A Short History of the Rwanda Genocide

Sexual violence as a weapon of war

Work by International Alert in the African Great Lakes

Armed Conflicts Report – Burundi

1894-1990: A history of Rwanda and Burundi |

Rwanda, Burundi Refugee Deportation Causes Uproar

International Conflict and the Environment: Rwanda Case

The Case of Rwanda, Part I

Post-Genocidal Reconstruction – Building Peace in Rwanda

The Case of Rwanda, Part I

Rwanda/Burundi: Recent Documents, Rwanda: Burundian Refugees Attacked Tutsis in Country

Again at the Crossroads-Rwanda and Burundi

Analysis: Great Lakes, Rwanda-Burundi: Power and the powerless

Rwanda/Burundi: InterAction Statement, 08/04/’95

SDC – Great Lakes (Rwanda – Burundi – Democratic Republic of Congo)

OJPCR 2.3: Rwanda’s Protracted Social Conflict


Burundi-Rwanda: Officials vow to resolve land disputes by June(2006)

UNU-WIDER : Fiscal Policy, Conflict, and Reconstruction in Burundi

Conflict-Sensitive Development Assistance: The Case of Burundi

U.S. support for resolving the Burundi and Rwanda conflicts

Burundi massacre and the continuing conflict in the Congo

Burundi and the Crisis in Central Africa

Rwandan Politics: Kagame vs Habyarimana

Consociationalism and Power Sharing in Africa: Rwanda, Burundi

Tragedy in Rwanda: the political ecology of conflict

FAMA Ministries: Regional Conflicts

Burundi – UN Security Council – Global Policy Forum

Conflict and Human Development

Online NewsHour: The continuing crisis in Zaire — February 17, 1997

Burundi and the Crisis in Central Africa

Africa and the Crisis of Instability – Nations and States

Reuters AlertNet – CRISIS PROFILE: Why Burundi massacre

Great Lakes region: Refugee crisis far from over – Amnesty

Select bibliography African Rights. Rwanda

Le Défi de l ethnisme. Rwanda et Burundi: 1990-1996.

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