Conflicts in Ethiopia and Eritrea after 2000

Ethiopia Opposition Denies Government Claim of Eritrea Alliance

Al-Shabaab rebels flee as Ethiopians move in

Analysts Hope Eritrea Sanctions Will End Somali Conflict

Analysis: Eritrea confounds US in Somalia

The Eritreans In Woyane government of Ethiopia

Ethiopian tourist abductions and attacks blamed on Eritrea

Opposition Group Promises Attacks Following Sanctions on Eritrea for Support of Terrorism.

Eritrean Opposition Group Meet in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian opposition parties as well as Eritrean opposition parties operate

Violence in the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia vs. Eritrea

Eritrean opposition threatens armed struggle against government

Eritrea backs Somali opposition against Ethiopia/a>

Armed Factions And The Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict

Eritrean opposition forces create new military front

Opposition conference in Ethipoia vows to bring democracy to Eritrea

Somaliland: Eritrean Trained ONLF Rebels Surrounded

Ethiopia-Eritrea Proxy War in Somalia Risks Broader Regional Conflict, Warns New Council Report

TPLF’s idea for the Afar region

Red Sea Afar rebels attack Eritrean military camp

Somali Region in Ethiopia

Islam, Christianity and Ethiopia’s foreign policy

Warning: Another bloodbath in the coming

Exiled Eritreans vow to launch Ethnic-based movement

ETV reports that Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters surrender to Ethiopian authorities

Oromo Liberation Front Resolves Internal conflicts

Oromo Liberation Front denies responsibility for last week blast in Addis Abeba

Eritrea blamed for Ethiopia blast

Suppressing Dissent Human Rights Abuses and Political Repression in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region

Ethiopia Launches Missile Attack Against Eritrea‎

US urges restraint from Ethiopia, Eritrea

Military Communiqué from the Democratic Movement for the liberation of the Eritrean kunama, (DMLEK).

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