Westminster Foundation for Democracy in Uganda

The Ugandan Football Association as polity 

Sowing the Mustard Seed: The struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda

Dream deferred?  Democracy and Good Governance:  An Assessment of the Findings of Uganda’s Country Self-  Assessment Report under the African Peer Review Mechanis

The Challenge of Building Strong  Political Parties for Democratic  Governance in Uganda: Does multiparty  politics  have a future?

The 2011 General Elections in Uganda: a Question for Democratic Development

What kind of history do elections have in Uganda

Democracy and Good Governance in Uganda Seem To Be a Travesty

Deepening Uganda’s electoral democracy: the place of the youth and young people

A case of electoral fraud: The 2011 Uganda elections

The  February 2011 elections: another major setback to democracy in Uganda

Journalists Attacked during Elections in Uganda

The process of democracy in Uganda

A brief history of elections in Uganda 

Towards peaceful, free, fair and democratic 2011 elections in Uganda

Deepening Democracy through Multipartyism: The Bumpy Road to Uganda’s 2011 Elections

Elections in Uganda

Nelson Kasfir – “No-Party Democracy” in Uganda

Uganda reveals democracy question

USAID Democracy and Governance: Africa: Uganda

Popular Perceptions of Democracy

The role of democracy in Uganda’s move to universal primary education

Patronage, District Creation and Democracy in Uganda.

Uganda reveals democracy question

Women and Democracy, Kampala, Uganda

Hostile to democracy

Coalition for democracy in Uganda

Daedalus – Democracy for Uganda

Democracy for Uganda: a case for comparison. by David E. Apter.

Uganda governance & democracy survey report commissioned

Students For Global Democracy-Uganda

Sowing the seed: Building new democracy in Uganda (Part)

Democracy in Uganda. Press Release

Democracy Fund – “U.S. Embassy Kampala, Uganda”

Toward a post-liberal discourse of rights in Africa: a comparative

World Youth Movement for Democracy



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