Ethiopia Human Right reports


Ethiopia Human Right reports

Ethiopia Muslims protest, accuse government of religious meddling

How To End Government Intolerance Of Islam In Ethiopia

Ethiopia targeting peaceful Muslim protest movement

Ethiopia: Govt Increasingly Intolerant of Islam Risks Radicalizing Muslims

Get the ONLF insurgents!….Indian Ocean Newsletter

Ethiopia: Survival Uncovers Shocking Human Rights Abuses

Ethiopia slaps prison terms on three journalists

Ethiopia OGN v 10.0 Issued May 2011

Increased Violation of Human Rights in Ogaden by the Government of Males Zenawi

Mass Arrests and Imprisonments in Ethiopia: Fear of Torture

Human rights in Ethiopia and U.S foreign policy

Abuse in Ethiopia and asylum in the UK: Oromo experience

Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Oromia/Ethiopia: Appeal to Irish Gov’t on Human Rights Violations of Zenawi Regime

Human Rights Watch: World Report 2011 on Ethiopia

Political Repression and the 2010 Elections [hrw report]

Ethiopia – Amnesty International Report 2010

Ethiopia: 2010 Annual Report on Human Rights by Amnesty International

Ethiopia: Free Detained Opposition Leaders

Six More Activists Arrested under Abusive Anti-Terrorism Law

Ethiopia: Journalists Convicted Under Unfair Law

Journalists are not terrorists

Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners (SOCEPP)

2010 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia

Ethiopian country report 2003

Ethiopia Human Rights Practices 1993

Human Right Watch 97

Oromo Studies Association 1995 Conference self determination as human right

Ethiopia Africa: Civilians harmed in parts of Ogaden

Essential Background: Overview of human rights issues in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Investigate Torture by Police (Human Rights Watch, 18-3)

Oromia Online News :Human right violations

Ethiopia and Eritrea Human rights issues in a year of armed conflict

Fear of torture or ill-treatment/ incommunicado detention Ethiopia

Africa Somalia Ethiopia Human Rights: Kenya Illegally Detains, Renders Ogaden Somalis to Ethiopian Military

Many Civilians Detained in Qabri Dahar

Ethiopia: Human rights defenders under pressure International Fact-Finding Mission

Court urged to disregard prosecutor s request for death penalty for four journalists

Ethiopian Human Right Council (EHRCO)

MDO – Eritreans plea for peace in native land: human-rights abuses

Human Rights Report of Ethiopia, By Rakeb Messele Aberra

Do Ethiopians really need human rights?

About the Sidama Concern (Report)

Ogaden Human Rights Committee

Ethiopia curb on charities alarms human rights activists

Ethiopia arrests opposition leader, journalist hurt

Human Rights in Ethiopia: through the eyes of the Oromo diaspora

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