Conflict in Somalia

Ethiopia Invades Somalia In Fight Against Al-Shabab

Witnesses: Ethiopia Invades Somalia Again

US official warns Ethiopia not to invade Somalia, but it’s too late

Ethiopian Troops Said to Enter Somalia, Opening New Front Against Militants

Conflict displaces 63,000 civilians in southern Somalia so far this year

15 Kenyan troops killed in Somalia

Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia in 2006: Motives and lessons learned

Convergence of Civil War and the Religious Right: Reimagining Somali Women

The Somali conflict the role of external actors

5 Reasons Why Kenya’s Invasion of Somalia is a Mistake

The Cost of War: Kenya in Somalia

How Somalia’s civil war became new front in battle against al-Qaida 

2010 timeline of the War in Somalia

War in Somalia (2006–2009)

The Ogaden War of 1977-78 between Somalia and Ethiopia

Islamists claim capture of Ethiopian officer in Somalia

Somalia war threat grows as Ethiopian troops invade

Border war feared as Somali Islamists vow holy war against Ethiopia

Somali militant urges holy war on Ethiopia

Somalia: Ethiopian Government Fears War With Somali

Somalia War Threatens to Go Regional  

Somalia Conflict:  Shabab War (2006-Present)

Islamic Court Lashes Somali Woman 11 Times

Kenya asks U.S. for help with Somalia offensive

Reuters AlertNet – Mystery plane fuels Somalia war fears

A Profile of Somalia’s Islamic Court …

Get Ethiopian troops out of Somalia

Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland and the Horn of Africa

Western Somalia (Ethiopia)

The Somali of Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia

U.S. support key to Ethiopia’s invasion

ArabNet — Somalia, History, Ethiopia & Somalia

World: Africa : Somali warlord blames Ethiopia for defeat


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